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Our residential handyman repair services in Selangor will do all minor and major home repair works.This mean Handyman1Malaysia complete jobs in the field of construction,electrical,plumbing,plumbing,electrical wiring,plumbing services,home improvement and renovate your home. 

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Carpentry Services


"Handyman1Malaysia" Helps Install And Build A Variety Of Customized Carpentry Projects. From Building Bookcases To Plaster Ceiling Installation, Our Experienced Handyman Will Do It All In One Call.


In Many Cases, Homeowners Are Stuck Calling A Different Handyman To Finish Each Project They Need To Complete; Rather Than Going Through The Hassle Of Coordinating All These Independent Handymansn. We Provide Experienced, Quality Craftsman Who Can Handle Every Project, And You Can Rest Assured. It Will Be Completed According To Our Motto: "On Time, Done Right At Affordable Price".


No Time Gets Wasted With "Handyman1Malaysia". That Means Our Handyman'll Install Plaster Ceiling While The Stain Dries On The Entertainment Center We Built Just For You. And When We've Finished Putting In Molding In The Living Room Our Handyman'll Start Installing Countertops In Your Kitchen. And Those Are Just A Few Of The Many Larger Carpentry Services We Provide With Quality At Affordable Price, Hand-crafted Carpentry Services Which Making Inside Of Your Home Looking Beautiful And Brand New While Increasing The Overall Value Of Your House.


Call The Reliable Handyman Now To Check What We Can Offer You At 017 666 3868 or 018 666 0246 . 




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