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Our residential handyman repair services in Selangor will do all minor and major home repair works.This mean Handyman1Malaysia complete jobs in the field of construction,electrical,plumbing,plumbing,electrical wiring,plumbing services,home improvement and renovate your home. 

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Replace Fixtures in Bathrooms and Kitchens


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Fixture Replacement


When You Are Looking For A New Look In Your Bathroom Or Kitchen, Have "Handyman1Malaysia" Update Your Faucets, Showerheads, Bar Fixtures, And More. Our Handyman Can Swap Out Your Outdated Fixtures For Ones That Offer A Different Look. Whether You Are Looking For A Basic Setup Or For A Look That Is Modern Or Contemporary, "Handyman1Malaysia" Can Install It For You. "Handyman1Malaysia" Also Offers Faucet Repair Services If You Do Not Want To Replace Your Existing Water Faucet.


Fixture Replacement In Your Bathroom And Kitchen Not Only Contributes Aesthetically, But It May Offer Energy Savings Too. For Example, Replacing Showerheads With Low Flow Heads Can Help You Save On Heating Costs And Helps Reduce The Gallons Of Water You Use A Year.


Not Limited To Bathroom And Kitchen Plumbing Services, "Handyman1Malaysia" Can Help Install A Laundry Tub, Countertops, Or Help Install A Faucet In Your Outdoor Entertaining Area. To Check More About Fixture Replacement, Contact "Handyman1Malaysia" .


Contacting "Handyman1Malaysia" For Bathroom And Kitchen Plumbing Services Is A Smart Choice. Reliable, Trusted And Affordable, "Handyman1Malaysia" Can Fix Drywall And Repair Tile After He Wall Mounts Your Faucet. He Will Paint While The Grout Dries. One Call Does It All. Call "Handyman1Malaysia" At 017 666 3868 or 018 666 0246 Today.

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